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Prof. Dr. J. Wilfried Kügel

Prof. Dr J. Wilfried Kügel has for more than 20 years advised and represented companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries on legal issues associated with the development and marketing of their products. This includes issues involving manufacturing and approval of medicinal products, regulatory issues concerning the delineation of food for general consumption from other product groups, and competition disputes and marketing strategies. In addition, Prof. Dr Kügel handles diverse issues having to do with the emergence of site contamination and hazardous soil changes, and he advises and represents managers of private schools.

For many years, Prof. Dr Kügel has been a member of the most significant company associations in the medicinal-products and foods industries. Moreover, he has been a lecturer since 2005 and an honorary professor since March 2012 at the University of Hohenheim.

Prof. Dr Kügel is the founding partner of kügelrechtsanwälte. Previously, he was a partner at the international law firm Heussen. Prof. Dr Kügel was the founding partner of the firm Kleiner & Kügel (subsequently Kleiner Rechtsanwälte), and from 1983 to 1990, he was an associate and partner at Thümmel Schütze & Partner. Prof. Dr Kügel has specialised in administrative law since 1995.

Practice Focus:
Foreign Languages:
  • Development and approval of medicinal products
  • Contracts law and quality assurance in the manufacture of medicinal products and agents
  • Determination of product status
  • Private-school law
  • Environmental law (contaminated sites)
  • English
  • French